Bhargava DDS


Cosmetic dentistry can make the beautiful smile you have always wanted a reality. We believe that all dentistry is cosmetic dentistry. Each procedure is done with your best appearance in mind. We also provide non-metal porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, non-metal partial dentures, mercury-free white filings, and whitening services. VIDEOS and info on ALL these topics are easy to view on the American Dental Association web site,

Fillings (White-Mercury-Free)

Composite (white) fillings are used to repair teeth after fractures, decay removal, or even to replace old or leaky fillings. These very modern restorative materials bond directly to the tooth. They require less tooth removal than silver fillings and have less post operative sensitivity. Of course they look much better, too. We have many shades of white filling material so as to match your tooth best as possible.

Crowns (Caps)

If you want to return your tooth to its crowning glory, crowns are sometimes the best treatment. Crowns are needed for a variety of reasons, usually due to lack of supporting tooth structure due to a large cavity, a root canal, a failed filling, cracks or fractures. A crown will make your tooth stronger, improve its appearance, and return it to its normal shape and size. We offer a variety of crowns including all porcelain (no metal), porcelain fused to metal (porcelain on the outside, metal on the inside), and metal only (if indicated). Crowns are fixed and cannot be removed by the patient. Crowns are also used to cover a dental implant. You do not need a root canal prior to a crown. Sometimes, it is just the opposite, the crown can prevent a future root canal. The lifespan of a crown is significantly longer than a filling and due to the protection a crown provides, it is often much more difficult to get a cavity around a crown versus a filling.

Orthodontics (Braces)

We will likely refer you or your child to an orthodontist for evaluation for braces. At each recare visit (cleaning), we will constantly monitor your child and then recommend orthodontics if needed. For your convenience there is an orthodontist, Brian Smith, DDS, within the Broadmoor Dental Group but we also work together with many orthodontists in Wichita and the surrounding area.


Veneers can turn your smile into your dream smile! They work very well at masking deep stains, white patches, or even correcting overlapping or spaced out teeth. These porcelain coverings are very similar to a porcelain crown but they only require minimal tooth removal.

Whitening (Zoom!)

As seen on ABC's Extreme Makeover, we offer ZOOM! tooth whitening. We have two ways you can remove stains and improve your smile. We offer the latest ZOOM! Advance Power chairside in-office whitening system. This system is completely done in one appointment at our office using the ZOOM! Advance Power whitening light. Read more about this incredible system at You will spend about 2 hours in our office from set up to finish and we will do ALL the work for you while you watch TV (nice, huh?). This includes take home trays for touch up whitening in the future. We also offer take home trays. This is also a great option and we have a variety of take home options. We will fabricate custom trays and provide you with whitening gel and instruction to whiten at home. If you already own custom trays, you can obtain refill gel from us also.